What’s Your Cause? Let’s Do this!

What is your cause?  What is the thing that just gets your heart and prompts you to make a difference? There are three things people attribute to keeping them happy worldwide: Nature Gratitude and Meaning. Having meaning in our work and life is something that some experts say can even help us to live longer.   [...]

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Confessions of an Image Consultant: Accepting My Body Image

Occasionally I invite guest bloggers that have great knowledge or insight through their expertise that may be relevant to my community. Melissa Murray has a good one here! Enjoy! Guest Blogger: Melissa Murray Life changes and so does our body and style as we evolve. Notice I said evolve verses age! There are very few [...]

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When God Changes Your Plans

Aries is the name of our handsome rooster on our ranch. The thing is, it was not our plan to have a rooster, at all.  We actually tried to avoid a noisy rooster and we bought “sexed” hens. Well, God surprised us with Aries, and we love having him.  Nothing reminds you that you are [...]

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Does Your Childhood Play Make You Happier Today?

It’s the end of the weekend and I had a couple of seconds, so I thought I’d share them with you and get some feedback on this topic! I love to ask people,  “What were you doing at six years or seven old that made time stand still?”   I LOVE to hear the answers! What [...]

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Is Your Sunscreen Toxic?

Wait!  Before you slather…check the label. If you are like most Americans, (80%) you buy sunscreen to help prevent skin cancer and sun damage, thinking you are doing a good thing.  According to most dermatologists, we are. But…are we actually subjecting our bodies to toxic chemicals that not only could harm us…even be damaging our [...]

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Happy People are More Creative and Successful in Sales

Most of us realize without a doubt that positivity is attractive. But have you consciously evaluated your level of happiness and optimism? You might be surprised at just how much it may be affecting the outcome of your presentations, speeches or sales conversations! I was eating up some statistics on this today, and loving that [...]

Stop Networking Like Everyone Else

Social media strategies and e-mail campaigns are an important part of business marketing but Intuitively, we know there is still nothing more effective at building quality business relationships than a good old-fashioned face to face meeting. So why are so many people wasting valuable time when they head to a networking event? Thousands of phone numbers [...]

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Look up! Turn a Pity Party into a Positive!

Have you ever thrown yourself a party?  How about a “pity party?” We put on pajamas, put a spoon in the ice cream container and watch The Notebook… again. Let’s face it, we all experience low times. We have disappointments, set backs and things that seem like failures that can leave us feeling pretty bad.   Sometimes, [...]

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