Today’s Feminism, Would Mother Nature Approve?

  There is a global shift happening, and we cannot help but to be aware of it; it’s a Feminine Awareness or Feminine Movement. In the workplace, we see a needed push for equality in pay for women… so often though; there seems to be a complete lack of the natural feminine softness in this [...]

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Crossing a Fear Threshold

What do you do to get over a fear threshold? I’m talking about when you are starting something new. It could be a new business venture, a new relationship, even a new sport or moving to a new city. What do you do to move ahead? The worst thing you can do is to succumb [...]

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Imagine You at 90 (and You’re Awesome!)

  This past week was my Mom’s 90th Birthday. I went back to my hometown of Pittsburgh to visit and have a small celebration. I just couldn’t resist asking her to reflect on her 90 years on this planet and describe her life…. Well, if you are expecting one of those Hallmark card-type stories that [...]

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How to NOT Network Like Average Joe (or Jane!)

Social media strategies and e-mail campaigns are an important part of business marketing but Intuitively, we know there is still nothing more effective at building quality business relationships than a good old-fashioned face-to-face meeting. So, why are so many people wasting valuable time when they head to a networking event? Thousands of phone numbers in [...]

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Are We Broadcasting What We Want?

Sometimes we see someone who changes his or her broadcast or self-representation with a change of the wind. In a recent conversation with an old friend, we remembered someone who had done this very blatantly. It's a sure way to lose trust of the folks around you. What can we learn from this? How can [...]

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What a Pony Can Teach us About Confidence

Sometimes we get lessons on life from surprising sources… We adopted a new pony named Coco into our herd this week. She is ridiculously cute and although I worry about her being so small, she is extremely confident and has been taking care of herself!  Animals can teach us a thing or two about getting [...]

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Creativity Sparks to Get Unstuck

It's been raining all day, and for me rain can spark creative juices. I'm taking a few seconds in between rain drops to spend with you and ask, what sparks your creativity?  So often we get stuck in cognitive patterns,  so knowing how to tap into our creative thinking is a great skill.    Pablo Picasso [...]

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5 Reasons to Create a Holiday Video for Your Business

A holiday video, as part of your marketing campaign, is something you should jump on right now because: It’s current. The majority of those using social media are more accepting of visually stimulating marketing pieces and less attracted to written copy. Including a video on a landing page can increase conversion rates by 80%! It’s [...]

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